Toast of the Town | Michelle Cordeiro Grant

An interview with Michelle Cordero Grant| Founder of Lively

Why She's the Toast of the Town

The past few months I’ve been crushing on new girlboss brand on the block, Lively. I discovered them on Instagram and was immediately draw to their mantra – wild hearts and boss brains. Needless to say I was ecstatic to learn that the love was mutual.

A few weeks ago my girlcrush dreams came true when I met Lively founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant. We filmed a Facebook Live interview at her offices in NYC.

Lively’s site perfectly describes them as, ”

LIVELY is inspired by what we believe makes women sexy today; smart, healthy, active and outgoing. We are delivering bras and undies that blur the aesthetic lines of lingerie, active, and swim, taking the best elements of high-style and comfort from each category. We are establishing an entirely new category and POV of lingerie, a movement that we call Leisurée.

LIVELY is not just about the products it offers, it is about a mindset we want to share with women around the world. One that reminds, empowers and enables us all to live life doing what we love, with the people we love! We call this #livingLIVELY.

We knew women were waiting for this kind of movement, but even we were surprised at the global response we received pre-launch. It was tremendous, and our message of strength and confidence resonated far and wide. Notes came pouring in; ‘It is an amazing thing to find a brand that not only aligns with my values but encourages us to stand firm in our own skin. 

I love feeling comfortable, though I also love the beautiful things in life, and LIVELY is a seamless balance of both!”. Another read, “Ultimately, and I think it’s the same for all twenty-something girls these days, I want to live my life as authentically as possible.” LIVELY is just getting started, and we couldn’t be more excited to have so many amazing women join our movement.


Ugh, are you crushing with me yet?? Thought so ; )

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