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Director of Business Development | Shop Style

Why She's the Toast of the Town

I met Hilary Sloan at this year’s Create & Cultivate – a conference designed for female entrepreneurs in the digital space. Her outfit was on point and she looked every bit the part of a fearless woman rising the ranks in the fashion world. Not to my surprise, her savvy extended far beyond her flawless leather jack.

As we got on with our interview, Hilary shared how she made her way to the role of Director of Business Development for ShopStyle, the e-commerce arm of the hugely popular site PopSugar. Would you be surprised to learn that the journey started with a position in the U.S. government’s department of Homeland Security? You can bet I was. She also talked candidly about the challenges that came along the way including being told that she would never get a job in fashion.We also get the insider scoop on her Insta-famous dog Ella Bean and where the idea behind her account came from.

If you’re looking for an example of a women who knew her passion and followed it with all of her heart, look no further than Hillary. And for anyone who’s wondering if that crazy career change is possible this is an interview not to be missed. Hilary is a true example of the power of perseverance and a creative talent to be admired.

Watch our full interview now to hear her story and catch her advice for all with a dream they’re after.

Watch our full interview now to hear her story and catch her advice for all with a dream they’re after.

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