Do any of these sound familiar…

I don’t feel like my brand makes me look like the expert I know I am

I’m embarrassed by my branding but I don’t know what to do about it

I wish my website looked like the ones that I love and admire

What if I told you that your branding could…

 Create a “wow” worthy first impression that shows off your authority

Make you feel amazing and confident about your business

Attract the ideal customers to your business and turn them into raving fans

In The Design Kit we’ll develop your logo, brand guidelines, and a caboodle of goodies needed to bring your brand to life online. You’ll go on to use these to build your brand website, craft your email campaigns, and fill your social media feeds.


Essentially, we’re going to get you ready to say

Hello world, I’m here and I’m ready to party!”.

How it works

Building a brand is a big step and I know you’re excited to take it! I want to make sure you are ready to rock and roll when we get started. Wasting precious hours and dollars - ain’t nobody got time for that!
Before we kick off I’ll have you take a quick 4 question quiz about the basics of your brand - your positioning, personas, purpose, and personality. This gives us a chance to assess whether you’re ready for The Design Kit or if The Brand Plan is a better place to start.

I’ve been in your shoes and know that investing in your business can be a big decision. I want to make sure you’re set up for success before you spend a penny.

Did you pass the quiz? You’re ready to request our free Design Kit workbook. 
That’s right - no money or strings attached. 

Inside of the workbook you will find 20 questions that we use to get a deeper understanding of your brand and business goals. We’ll also give you a tool and guidelines for creating vision boards with designs you admire.
You’ll complete your workbook at your pace and when you’re ready send it back to us. We work this way so that we’re able to best familiarize ourselves with your brand and align ourselves with your vision.

Didn’t quite hit the marks? Then The Brand Plan is where you’ll want to start.

When we receive your completed workbook our team will use it to translate your vision into three visual directions. Our team will translate your vision into three visual directions. Then, we’ll schedule a ¼ day to work together in person or over Skype.

We like working this way because it allows to receive and implement your feedback in real time. We’ll review what you like and dislike about each direction and refine one until we get each element of your brand just right.

After our work session has wrapped, we’ll follow up with your design kit. Your kit will include your logos, colors, fonts,  image folder, and voice guidelines. We’ll also share an action plan detailing our recommended next steps for growing your brand.


- Alison & Judy, co-founders of Twist Your Spirits

What you'll get

Your brand kit will include the critical 5:

We’ll craft your signature mark and we’ll make sure you have all the variations for your branding needs. That means horizontal, stacked, icon, color, and transparent. Not sure why you need each of those? Don’t worry we’ll guide you.

Color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. We’ll help you pick the ones that best best bring to life your brand’s personality.

We know it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. We’ll select the font combinations that will get your message across in the right way.

Your brand is more than your logo. We’ll create guidelines for the types of visuals that are suited to your brand and pull together a custom curated folder of original and stock photography you can use across your website and social media.

Don’t let anybody fool you, words have power! The way your brand talks is just as important as how it looks. We’ll develop guidelines for how your brand speaks and create a list of signature words and sayings that your tribe can adopt and rally around.

And if you’re wondering, do I really need to go through all of this? The simple answer is no. You can absolutely launch your business into the world without taking these steps. And I get that some people will want to hurry up and get on with it!

But, if you’ve got a big mission and vision for your business it’s about so much more than just selling your products and services. It’s about connecting with people and truly making a difference. 

When you take time to build your brand you’re making an investment that will take your business to the next level. You’ll stand out from the crowd. You’ll find and attract your fan club. And the people who identify with what you’ve built on a deep level will grow with you, excitedly.


On average our go-getters spend $3,500 on The Design Kit

You've got questions. I've got answers.

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