Meet Lindsey Heisser | Co-Founder & Managing Director of Tribemint

Lindsey Heisser is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Tribemint, a branding and digital communications agency dedicated to helping companies connect with Millennials through inspired vision, culture and engagement.

We met at Tarte Restaurant, a hip American diner with a country twist, located inside the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel – a client of Tribemint’s. We tucked into a booth on Tarte’s poolside patio and Lindsey filled me in on her experience as a female founder.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

So how do you go from corporate climber to entrepreneur? Lindsey shares how and why she took the leap.

Starting Your Business

Knowing where to start is often the hardest part. Lindsey shares her advice on the first steps to take when launching your business.

Facing the Challenges

Entrepreneurship doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Lindsey shares how she faces the ones that come her way.

Personal Traits for Success

Lindsey talks about which of her personal traits she believes have made her a successful entrepreneur. 

Confidence, Super Powers, & Champagne

Lindsey takes on The Jam Jar and divulges what makes her feel confident, the super power she wishes she could have, and what her favorite drink is to toast.

More About Lindsey

Lindsey-HeisserLindsey is the Managing Director of TRIBEMINT specializing in campaign ideation and execution, marketing and communication strategy and technology development. Heisser brings her entrepreneurial spirit and innate curiosity of today’s trends to deliver TRIBEMINT’S clients with fully integrated campaigns turning consumers into brand loyalists.

Prior to joining TRIBEMINT, Heisser was Director of Marketing at The Regan Group, a consumer engagement agency entrenched in entertainment and consumer packaged goods industries. It was during her 5-year tenure at the agency, Lindsey Heisser met, TRIBEMINT’s CEO, Julie Thorne Engels, and together they shaped the company culture and drove the agency’s most profitable years in business. (Source: Tribemint)

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