Behind the Scenes! Taste of Pace Interview


Pace, founder of Taste of Pace, calls downtown LA home so when she agreed to come out to Venice for our interview, I knew I needed to make the trip worth her while. There was no question that our brunch needed to come from Gjusta. This bakery and cafe from the family behind Gjelina opened a few months ago and has had me drooling over every bit of their menu ever since.

Even before you walk through Gjusta’s doors you are greeted by their smell. Fresh baked breads and pastries are served up daily  and the smell of sugar and carbs is enough to lure you in off the street.

The bakery’s signature baklava croissants and scones were our pick from the window of delectable treats.


Besides breads and pastries, Gjusta serves up house cured fish and meets, homemade sauces and spreads, signature soups, salads, and sandwiches, and has a gourmet barista bar to boot.


Seating at Gjusta is limited to a few benches and over turned milk cartons in the cafe’s parking lot. Since the set-up was less than ideal for shooting, Pace and I held our interview at my house just a few blocks away from the cafe. We cozied up on the patio, soaked in the sunshine, and dug into our take-away.

Catch my interview with Pace to get the scoop on making it as an entrepreneur in the food biz!



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