10 Effortless Ways to Meet Mr. Right

Ten places to find a date without adding another to-do to that busy schedule of yours


As summer comes to a close, chances are any summer sparks you’ve ignited are about to reach the end of the wick. We at TSD say it’s time to let the summer flame burn out and set your sights on a fresh start.
We all know that fall can be hectic and that none of us really has the time to go on the hunt for a good man. One option to solve that? Stay superbly single! Treat yourself to extra attention, set new goals, and focus on accomplishing them over the next quarter. We love that!
For the rest of you, however, we know that the boy crazy-ness doesn’t disappear that easily. For you single girls, we started to think, how can we set ourselves up for potential matchmaking success without having to make time for it in our overloaded schedules? Are there situations right under our noses that we’ve been overlooking? Let’s rule out the places we intentionally go looking to pick up boys (the bar), and the places that we’d go only because we know they are laden with men (Home Depot, anyone?) and only consider the places we go in and out of in our daily routine. What are we doing day in and day out that we’ve never given thought to as potential situations for us to meet Mr. Right?

With that in mind, here is a list of the places we rank as the most favorable, effortless places to spark a new romantic rendezvous.

 1. Workout Class 
but not just any workout class, the girly classes that are meant to work the glutes and abs of aspiring women everywhere—the barre burns and yogalates. Have you ever noticed that there’s always at least one guy hanging around the back of the class? He may be there for the workout, but he’s definitely there to meet girls. You may initially take this as a turn-off, but think again. What do his actions tell you about this guy? He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s comfortable holding his own in a room full of women. Then there’s the obvious: you know he has a gym membership, so on the days he’s not doing his “Jane Fonda” with the ladies, chances are he’s breaking a sweat with the guys. Not bad qualities to seek out in a man if you ask me.
2. The Church Pew
 If you are a church go-er, this is a prime opportunity to meet someone who shares the same values as you and, if you think about it, is on a similar schedule (why else would he be at 9 am service on a weekend?)—both important in making a relationship work. To top it off, you’ve got an automatic introduction… can you say “sign of peace”?
3. Your Apartment Elevator
Most people immediately revert to awkwardly standing in the back corner opposite whomever else they happen to be sharing this space with, but why? You likely see the same people in and out of the same elevators every day. Look up! See who’s coming in and out of your transitory space. Maybe there’s a cutie in the building you’ve never noticed or have never had the courage to talk to. Being trapped in a box with someone is a perfect opportunity to make an introduction.
4. The Coffee Shop
Your barista knows you and your order by heart, but have you ever paid attention to the other latte lovers flowing in and out each morning? Next time you spot a cutie at the counter, listen for his order. Next time you catch him at the same spot you’ll know what he’s drinking and will have an instant conversation starter.
5. Parking Garages 
There are several simple and easy conversations that can be started here: “did you get stuck in that crazy traffic?” “It was so hard to find a spot! Do you know if something is going on?? “Did you see that massive SUV parked in the compact spot? I hate when that happens….” Obvious, yes. Simple, yes. Could these all lead to more conversation, yes. See my point?
6. The Dry Cleaner
We visit our dry cleaner on three types of occasions: 1. dropping/picking up work clothes, 2. dropping/picking up a party dress that didn’t quite make it through the night unscathed, 3. dropping/picking up something we’ve had altered. If we take that a step further, there are characteristics we could possibly deduce from someone we meet here: 1. He has a steady career, 2. He’s responsible enough to take care of his things, or 3. He’s got a keen sense of style and appreciation for the look of well-fitting clothes. You already know so much about this person; what’s holding you back from striking up an introduction?
7. The Gas Station
You’re here at least once a week, and it’s a chore you likely hate enough to nearly let your gas tank dry up. Why not make the trip a little more enjoyable by turning it into a secret mission? Turn the gas station into your own personal playground for picking up dates. Take note of how well he takes care of his car. Is it chugging along, in pristine condition, or somewhere in between? Whichever direction the arrow lands you’ve got something to kick-start the conversation.
8. The Car Wash
Don’t waste that downtime perusing the gift shop while your car gets a scrub down. This is a prime opportunity to find a date while you wait! Realize that everyone there is equally bored and looking for some entertainment. Seize the opportunity to chat up the boy you see checking out car fresheners, make a suggestion on your favorite scent, and let him know you’re free to test it out if he’d like your help.
9. Bed Bath & Beyond
There are several things that I love about BB&B that make it an ideal pick-up spot. First, you know that you love to roam the aisles of this big box store, but its huge variety of products mean it’s not out of the question to find men there as well. Second, the men that you do find there are self-sufficient enough to supply their homes with the essentials (clean sheets, dinner ware, toilet scrubber…) but likely not so self-sufficient that they wouldn’t welcome a woman’s advice if offered. Third, so many easy conversation starters here to make that first introduction a breeze (“Are you getting ready for a big trip?” “Settling into a new apartment?” “Looking for help distinguishing a duvet from a sham?”) The list is endless!
10. The DMV
We all hate the DMV—we know that—but wouldn’t it be a little better if you used your time there chatting up a cute boy? Why not use the time to introduce yourself to someone? You know there will be ample time to get to know one another, and you can quickly bond over your equal despise for your current situation.


The bottom line is: the more aware you are of your surroundings, the easier it is to find the opportunities in your everyday life to meet someone new. Already found the one? We want to know where you met! Still looking? We want to hear your best pick up spots!
Happy Dating!

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