I'm obsessed with supporting female entrepreneurs. 

This business was built to give women the things that they need...

When we put ourselves out there we want to put our best foot forward. Phenomenal branding helps us do that. It's like putting on makeup or getting your nails done. When you know you look good, you feel confident and more prepared to take on the world.

Consider this site your wing woman for brand success. You’ll find specific strategies you can apply to your business, actionable advice, and stress free tips - all broken down into manageable steps that won’t consume your life. Plus I can promise there will be party favors, lots and lots of party favors (aka amazing tools and helpful resources!).

When you start your own business you are responsible for creating and running every part of it, whether you know how to do something or not. You learn so much through the experience and that knowledge deserves to be shared.

That’s what you’ll find when you watch Toast TV. It’s where I share the startup stories of  women behind brands of all sizes. I call them our toasts of the town because they’re women who inspire and whom we admire. When you watch their interviews you’ll find advice for your business whether that’s how to launch or how to manage 1000 employees. 

Women entrepreneurs are women to. We might run businesses but that doesn’t mean we’re only looking for business relationships. In the best situations the women we work with are the women we’re friends with too.

This is why I value brunch. It’s a time once a week that we can commune to talk shop…or shopping. Come to a Toast brunch and you’ll get connected to other women entrepreneurs who totally get you. And if you can’t join in person, join us online in our Facebook group. It’s where you can go anytime to get personal and find an ear and an answer whenever you need.

My goal is to create the largest community of connected women entrepreneurs. 

If you're in this community you're called to support another woman. Work with her. Give her business. Share honest feedback. Be there for her.

Help us grow - invite someone you know.

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This is my version of an online brunch. Come here to ask your questions, offer advice, and find great gals to work and commune with.

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Hi I’m Jen! 

Who am I to be your wingwoman? My story began back in 2010 when I kicked off my career in brand marketing at Procter & Gamble. I fell in love with branding and learned A LOT. I also learned that I hated working in a big company and that a corporate climbing career wasn’t in my future.

So I did what any young twenty something does, I started a blog. My first site was called The Single Diaries and was aimed at helping young women nurture their single most important relationship, the one with themselves. Once a month, I would feature an interview with a young woman who had figured out a way to create a career around what she loved.

It was in building the blog that I realized what had been holding me back from my own business dreams. I needed to find the confidence I’d been lacking. I needed examples to show me the way. And, I needed a community that I felt supported by. This process of discovery eventually guided me to quit my job and create begin coaching & consulting full time.

I’ve spent the past few years getting to know women entrepreneurs and their startup stories while building a brand of mine own. I also became a regular contributor to the Entrepreneur Network where I share my interviews and brand building tips.

All of this in the name of supporting  you. I love helping women so let me know what I can do to help you. 

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