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Each year as summer comes to a close and fall begins to peek its head around the corner, we face the opportunity to embrace new challenges  in our lives. For us, this fall will mark the beginning of a new chapter in The Single Diaries.

The Single Diaries was born from the realization that the same commiserations we shared over dating debacles, career doubts, weekend plans, quarter-life crises, and life goals are shared with single (i.e unmarried) girls everywhere. As single girls out in the world on our own for the first time, our friends increasingly become our strongest supports. We look to them first because they understand  firsthand what we go through. We confide in each other to get over our latest heartbreaks, to laugh about the craziness of our lives, and to hear  the right words to get us through whatever it is we face. The hardest part is that for many of us, being on our own often means moving hundreds of miles away from our closest girlfriends.

With The Single Diaries we aim to create a community that helps make this time in our lives a little easier. The site is meant to serve as a place where we can engage in open and honest conversations about our fears, ambitions, and obsessions. A mix of our personal stories, advice from trusted experts, and your shared stories, we aim not only to entertain but to build a community that helps each of us grow better at the things we face every day.

We look forward to sharing our stories and hearing yours. Welcome to The Single Diaries.

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Catherine Abalos and Jen Hacker are the co-founders of  The Single Diaries. Visit our “About” page to learn more about our Leading Ladies.


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