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What is Toast Meets Jam?

Ready to ditch the cubicle, follow your passion, and make a living doing what you love? Great, then you’ve come to the right spot!

Launched in 2013 as a community for new and aspiring female entrepreneurs, Toast Meets Jam has grown into a hub of inspiration and advice that helps millennial women make a living doing what they love. Not exactly sure what you’re doing? That’s okay! Toast Meets Jam is a place to learn alongside other ladies who are also on their entrepreneurial journey - including me!

I can’t promise I’ll have all of the answers but I can promise to serve up:

Interviews - with young women entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their businesses and want to share with you exactly how they’ve done it.

Inspiration - whether it’s a quote I’m totally digging, a book that’s got me pumped up, or other badass ladypreneurs who I look up to, I’m sharing what keeps me inspired and what I think will inspire you too.

Advice - I’ve met and interviewed A LOT of women entrepreneurs (and some men too) and that doesn’t come without picking up some great advice along the way. Advice I want to pass along to all of you!

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Toast Meets Jam is a featured contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine Network and has worked with great female founded partners including The ShePod, I’m Perfect Magazine, Financially Wise Women, Dogeared Jewelry, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and The Dinner Party Association.


Who’s Behind Toast Meets Jam? 


Hello lady friends! I’m Jen Hacker and I am the founder and host of Toast Meets Jam here and on YouTube. The site actually began in 2011 as a blog called The Single Diaries which was aimed at helping young women nurture their single most important relationship, the one with themselves.

Once a month, TSD would feature an interview with a young woman who had figured out a way to create a career around what she loved. Inspired by these amazing young women I was meeting, I found the courage to jump ship from my comfy corporate job and join them in my own entrepreneurial pursuit.

I realized what had been holding me back from pursuing my own passions was fear of the unknown. Not knowing how people got started, what the first steps looked like, and if I was capable of doing the same. After hearing first hand from those who had lived through it, I realized that doing what makes you happy wasn’t so impossible after all.

I wanted to create a place to share the stories and advice I was learning from these female entrepreneurs so that more young women could feel confident in the pursuit of their own dreams. I’m crazy passionate about helping other ladies feel OKAY about not knowing what their doing and going for it anyway. Heck, I’m still on the journey with you!

I’m learning my way through this and I hope you’ll join me.  Let’s raise our glasses and toast to making a living doing what we love!

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